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Why We Love Ingenium!
Our Favorite Photos! These photos were submitted by Ingenium employees and represent what we love about working at Ingenium Schools.


Our View

We believe in the joy in work! The challenges, the successes, the ah-has, the innovations, the hours of collaboration, development, and learning, all bring our Ingenium family joy.

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Employee Testimonials

“We are a team and family. We are mission and value driven. We value all stakeholders equally.” - Home Office Employee, Spring 2016

“[Ingenium] values each employee. There is a sense of community on this campus, and it's encouraging to work with like-minded people who are all passionate about helping our school and students become the best that they can be. Everyone is here to help one another, and there is always someone to reach out to if you need help.” - Employee, Ingenium Charter School, Spring 2016

“Teacher input is sought-after and highly valued. Teachers are encouraged to lead. Teachers are given a lot of choice and ownership - coaching is strong.” - Teacher, Ingenium Charter School, Spring 2016

“[Ingenium] is a safe environment and the staff makes you feel’s as if [you’re] working with a family.” - Teacher, Barack Obama Charter School, Spring 2016

“[Ingenium] has a very unique teaching model. The community of teachers is very tight and collaborative. There are opportunities for workers to grow and advance in their career. There is so much support given by coaches, fellow teachers, and admin.” - Teacher, Ingenium Charter School, Spring 2016

“This organization makes every effort to keep their employees happy and motivated to work.” Employee, Ingenium Charter Middle School, Spring 2016

“[Ingenium] hires a group of employees that are passionate about what they do, open-minded and flexible, and always willing to work as a team to do what is best for our kids. The employees have created a true sense of "family" that makes it a joy to come to work each day.” Ingenium Charter School Employee - Spring 2016

“[Ingenium] recognizes the efforts of individual teachers both at the school and the organizational level. They provide coaching to ensure support and to encourage growth in teaching ability. The organization works to take employee feedback and implement change. I feel so lucky to work for an organization where I am provided the tools to succeed in my own classroom, and am given ample opportunities for leadership roles.” - Teacher, Clemente Charter School, Spring 2016

“I love the opportunities to collaborate with my fellow colleagues. Ingenium does a great job at hiring the best, most passionate and dedicated individuals. No matter how long you work for the company, you can grow, possibly change direction, apply your skills, talents and knowledge in ways that allow you to consistently produce excellence.” - Ingenium Charter School Employee - Spring 2016

“Ingenium allows teachers the freedom to teach in the way they feel is best for their students using the standards as a guide. This is so different in comparison to other schools in LAUSD  and is best because this does not confine us to a text that isn't at the rigor level or teaching ability that we are looking for. I also like the focus on students being aware of where they are at in their learning and what they can do to take ownership of that.” - Teacher, Ingenium Charter Middle School, Spring 2016

“School leaders are very open and honest with all stakeholders (teachers, staff, student, and parents).  There is also a genuine spirit of collaboration and good will at Ingenium.  Negativity is a big problem in the education community, but I feel Ingenium does an excellent job of hiring positive people, and supporting all in their efforts to maintain that positivity.” - Teacher, Ingenium Charter Middle School, Spring 2016